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What is Mysa Finance?

6 min readOct 15, 2021


Mysa Finance (or just “Mysa”) is a company that’s making real estate more accessible to regular people.

We’re all about removing the barriers to entry. Whether you just want to buy or rent a home for yourself and family, or you’re thinking about investing in one of the oldest forms of wealth management… we want to help you do it.

Here’s exactly what we do:

  1. We create lots of free, easy to understand content about how real estate works and share it with the world via our website and social media profiles.
  2. We interact heavily with the online real estate community. We not only create content for people, we answer your real estate questions and listen to how you want the real estate industry to change.
  3. We develop and sell products and services, primarily for regular people (i.e. not large corporations/institutions), that help them buy, sell, rent, or invest in real estate.

Who are the people behind Mysa?

Mysa was started by people deeply embedded in the real estate, IT, and blockchain industries.

Joanna Kinastowska, the founder of Mysa, is a certified real estate appraiser in the EU who has run her own appraisal business for over 10 years and is trusted by some of the largest banks in Europe to appraise multi-million dollar real estate and commercial businesses.

Kasia Suszyńska, a co-founder of Mysa, has a doctorate in economics and a passion for fair housing. She is an advisor or member of numerous housing associations and collaborates with researchers in the Netherlands and Canada on fair housing and sustainable development research projects.

Anna Szelągowska, once an advisor to the president of Poland, is today an advisor at Mysa. She is a professor of economics and specializes in the real estate market and has a special interest in analyzing financial frauds.

Maciej Komosiński, the man that manages all the behind-the-scenes AI technology that our Mysa deploys, is a professor and researcher who spends a lot of his time working on and studying algorithms, simulations, computer science, and more.

Wojtek Kinastowski, our software architect, is literally a cryptographer.

Marcin Rzetecki, our blockchain specialist, is a co-founder of the Polish Blockchain Association.

The bottom line is: we’re not just a couple of college friends that had an idea for an app (not that there’s anything wrong with that)… we actually live and breathe real estate, IT, and blockchain.

You can read more about everyone on our team here.

What are Mysa’s goals?

To make real estate transactions easy…

We believe it should be easy to buy, sell, or rent a home.

We also believe it should be easy to make money investing in real estate.

By “easy”, we mean really easy. As easy as buying a tea kettle on Amazon, selling your old baseball cards on eBay, or buying stocks on Robinhood.

Unfortunately, the legal landscape around the world doesn’t exactly work in our favor (real estate is a little bit more legally complicated than tea kettles, believe it or not).

Getting to the point where real estate is as easy to buy, sell, and trade as a tea kettle will be a long, multi-stage process, but we are working every day to make it a reality by building out our products and services. You can check out our full roadmap here.

To make security a top priority…

Real estate is oftentimes a person’s most valuable possession, and we don’t take that lightly.

As a matter of fact, our team members use our products and services, so we not only understand what we’re dealing with, we practice what we preach, we put our money where our mouth is, and we believe fully in our products and services.

Security is one of the most important aspects of every line of code we write or process we create. We constantly audit our code and methods and ask ourselves questions like “how could someone abuse this?” or “what would it take to break that?”

Today, properly-employed blockchain technology is the most useful and secure way of making transactions, that’s why we’re building a lot of our real estate products on it. In the future that may change, so we will always be on the lookout for the latest and greatest ways to make secure transactions.

To build a community…

To build good products and services, we believe communication with and between end users is key. And with the advent of social media, that is more possible now than ever.

We want to take full advantage of the possibilities of YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Discord, et cetera, and whatever other platforms will be popular in the future to keep in touch with and focus completely on our end users.

It’s our mission to respond to every single comment and question that we are given (please bear with us as we grow, it will be hard getting to everyone 😅).

Want to put us to the test? Check out this podcast episode we did. Watch it or don’t, but leave a comment or ask a question in the comments. See if we respond!

To teach people about real estate…

Real estate is awesome. There is not a single person on Earth who real estate does not affect. We all use it every day: We walk on it. We live on it. We work on it. We own it. We rent it. We build on it. We dig under it. We use it for collateral. We give it to our kids…

Real estate is powerful. It can make or break millionaires, it can give you a safe place to live or do business. It can be a great place to hold or grow wealth. You can make a living managing it…

The possibilities are endless, and we think everybody should know about them.

We create a lot of articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc. about real estate and share them publicly on our website and popular social media platforms.

The goal for our ever-growing blog is to serve as a knowledge base for anyone who wants to learn anything about real estate. The same goes for our podcast and video content. We want to educate anyone who wants to learn about real estate.

This content is and always will be free. As we said before, we’re all about breaking down the barriers to entry when it comes to real estate.

We never want to sell any courses, industry-specific data, or articles. All of our informational (and joyfully entertaining 😏) content will always be free and available to anyone.

We want to answer all the common questions anyone may have about real estate, and as time goes on, many less common ones too!

What is Mysa’s moonshot?

The “biggest goal” or “highest achievement” that we are aiming toward or that we can achieve is for all real estate to be traded and financed on a secure, decentralized, easy-to-use platform.

And that’s what we’re working to make happen every day.

The real estate market should move in this direction one way or another for the good of everybody, so we’re either going to be the ones that make it happen, or we’ll give other players in the industry no choice but to follow suit.

And whether we are the ones that make it happen or not, the important thing is just that it happens.

How does Mysa Finance make money?

Fair question. As mentioned earlier, we sell various products and services.

Or at least, we will…

At the end of the day, Mysa Finance is a for-profit business. But the key words here are “at the end of the day”. We like to think of what we do as “help first, make money second”.

As a matter of fact, as of writing this, we don’t even have a product that is ready to sell to the public, we only have free content about real estate for people to consume. Check it out!

Thank you so much for reading all about us! We hope you found the article helpful. If you have any questions, Tweet us!




We're a team of people trying to make real estate ownership, rental, and investment accessible to everyone.